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B2B Price Optimization Initiatives: A Preparation Guide
(20 pages)
  • Analytical approaches and B2B optimization solution providers
  • Major work streams in price optimization
  • Change management / creating organizational alignment
  • Best practices in driving adoption of new prices
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5 Principles of Distributor Price Management in Recessionary Times
(3 pages) 
The 5 principles described in this article, published on March 30, 2020 in Industrial Distribution, are based on key learnings about effective price management practices from past recessionary cycles. They can provide useful, practical guidelines for distributors working to maintain a level of financial success as they navigate through the new realities. 
The Case for Custom-Built Price Structures for B2B Distributors
(5 pages) 
This MDM article outlines the risks of using "industry best practice" pricing matrices/pricing cubes in B2B distribution, and it describes practical tools and methodologies to develop a robust, custom-built price structure for a B2B distributor.  
Grainger Web Pricing Strategy Analysis (MDM articles series summary, 1 page) 
This document provides a bulletpoint summary of the article series initially published in Modern Distribution Management, analyzing WW Grainger's new web pricing strategy, its impact on the distributor's earnings outlook, as well as its implications for other distributors. 
MDM Publication on E-commerce Pricing Strategies for Distributors 
(6 pages total)
  • critical price management questions facing traditional distributors getting into e-commerce
  • 4 proven strategies to manage pricing in ways that effectively support both traditional and web-based business models

Q&A on Distributor Annual Price Changes 
(2 pages)
  • Typical challenges mid-market B2B distributors face in implementing periodic (annual) price changes
  • Tried and true strategies for improvement, including best practices in supplementing industry/business knowledge with science and analytics
  • Practical ways mid-market B2B businesses address gaps in organizational pricing capabilities  

B2B Price Segmentation: Pitfalls to Avoid
(2 pages)
  • Why do so many "data-driven" approaches to B2B segmentation fall short in implementation?
  • What challenges are associated with using matrix structures for price segmentation, and how can these challenges be overcome?
  • What can be done, from an analytics perspective, to help ensure field adoption of price segmentation initiatives?

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B2B Matrix Price Optimization FAQs
(1 page)
  • How can prices be improved without putting your business at risk?
  • Can a price optimization solution help empower sales organizations to grow revenues, rather than pricing being an impediment to sales?
  • Does price optimization involve outsourcing the pricing decision, and removing pricing discretion from sales professionals who are knowledgeable about local markets and closest to customers?
  • At a high level, what is needed from a medium-sized distributor or manufacturer to successfully implement a price optimization initiative?
  • Can a medium-sized business realistically afford a scientific price optimization solution?
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B2B Bid Price Optimization FAQs
(2 pages)
  • What types of businesses can benefit from scientific approaches to bid/national account pricing?
  • How can the output of a bid price optimization analysis be practically integrated with current bid price management processes?
  • At a high level, how do scientific, statistical bid price optimization techniques work?
  • In “plain English” what kinds of tangible benefits can these tools provide?
  • Can these statistical tools be used to more optimally price custom-built solutions/projects?
  • How do we get started? What data is required for statistical bid optimization?
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Distributor Pricing Maturity Models
(7 pages)
  • How do distributors tend to progress through their journey to pricing excellence?
  • How do the pricing practices of your distribution business benchmark against toolsets used by peer distributors in similar growth stages? 
  • What are key best practices in managing the progress of distribution businesses through the pricing maturity model? 

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Price Increase Management Guide for Distributors 
(7 pages)
Best practices in planning, designing, communicating, and executing price increases in a distribution business.
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B2B Pricing Best Practices 
(18 pages) 

Lee Nyari of The Innovative Pricing Group was a contributing author of this informative publication by Vendavo, the top-ranked, industry-leading provider of B2B price optimization solutions.

In this publication, "10 of the top pricing thought leaders and industry experts" answer the question: What is the best advice you could give a fellow pricing strategist?
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B2B Distributor Guide to Value-Based Pricing & Selling 
(4 pages) 
As published in Industrial Distribution magazine, this publication reviews the theory and practice of managing pricing, so actual invoiced prices are aligned with market value, rather being cost/margin driven. 
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Getting B2B Distributor Sales Teams to Practice Value Based Pricing & Selling  (1 hour)  
  • Move your distribution business away from cost/margin-based pricing mentality
  • Instill more confidence in your sales force to leverage your value-prop in price management, and be less prone to discounting
  • Integrate value-based pricing/selling tools with existing price setting tools and sales processes, to improve the competitiveness of your distribution business
  • Increase your sales and margins by better capturing your value

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