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VETOB-Driven Pricing Summits and Roadmaps

Our state-of-the-art, proprietary Value Exchange Trade-Off Boundary (VETOB)Pricing Pyramid framework provides the foundation for TIP Group’s pricing summit and pricing strategy roadmap engagements.  

These engagements tend to be highly tailored, and they often focus on specific strategic business issues. To portray our typical approach, the generic anatomy of our popular “Pricing Summit” engagement format is described below, which is a powerful methodology to create strategic roadmaps that are practical, foster change, and have organizational buy-in. Two deployment examples are shown to illustrate how the summit methodology can be tailored to fit specific client objectives and deployment contexts. Examples of other "summit focus areas" can include the following: 

  • finding new avenues for growth through innovative value/price management methods,
  • ensuring upfront organizational alignment around key strategies in a large-scale transformational pricing initiative,
  • management of specific competitive threats, or
  • methods to integrate pricing and value propositions of large acquired businesses.
The VETOB framework is deployed to define an agenda for a one- to two-day team event attended by key organizational stakeholders in pricing, sales, profitability, and value management.

A series of workshops is conducted to explore each "VETOB approach" opportunity area. Discussions are seeded with real-life examples of successful pricing/value capture innovations. The VETOB Pyramid VETOB Pyramid is consulted, and attendees participate in activities involving ideation/creativity techniques. Through these workshops, participants discover new ways of applying relevant tools and techniques, and they identify actionable opportunities to improve pricing/value capture. 

The VETOB framework is deployed to define an agenda for a one-day team event focused on value, attended by key organizational stakeholders in sales, pricing, profitability, and value management.

Through a series of workshops that incorporate ideation/creativity techniques and are seeded with real-life contemporary examples of successful market/value based pricing innovations, attendees explore how such best practices may be applied at their organization. The VETOB Pyramid VETOB Pyramid is consulted, with particular focus on tools and techniques relating to understanding, creating, and communicating value. Algorithms, pricing practices and sales methodologies/tools are reviewed to support value-based approaches.

The output from the summit is compiled into a set of tangible, defined project opportunities that can be subsequently prioritized by management to create a “pricing roadmap” for the business.

The process creates organizational alignment on how to improve pricing, profitability, and value management practices in the organization. 

The output from the summit is used to refine the preliminary project plan for the value-based pricing project for the business.

The process begins to create organizational alignment on how to improve value-based pricing practices in the organization. 

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