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People and Leadership

We bring to the table a team of seasoned professionals with strategic pricing experience in the distribution and manufacturing sectors. Our pool of associates is comprised of specialists with deep knowledge in the areas of pricing science, data visualization, training and change management, as well as project leadership. Our professionals have experience across various ERP and pricing tools commonly used in the distribution and manufacturing sectors. 

We customize our project teams by drawing from our pool of associates to ensure projects are resourced properly in light of anticipated, project-specific needs. We adjust the composition of our project teams based on availability of qualified client personnel.
TIP Group was founded by Lee Nyari, a seasoned consultant, pricing executive, and widely recognized Pricing thought-leader. 

Lee is one of fewer than a thousand individuals holding the Professional Pricing Society's coveted Certified Pricing Professional designation. Additionally, Lee is also a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a robust background in accounting and financial analytics. Lee holds a full-time MBA in Marketing Strategy from Kellogg School of Management, and is a summa cum laude graduate of Thomas More University.

Lee’s distinguished career covers over twenty years in strategic pricing leadership roles in industry and consulting. His industry experience includes leading strategic pricing teams of large publicly traded business organizations and mid-market businesses in the industrial distribution and manufacturing sectors. His industry background is coupled with management and engagement leadership roles at top-tier strategy consulting firms. In addition to his strong pricing focus, Lee also has significant professional experience leading strategy, innovation, and financial/quantitative projects. Lee is one of select few professionals inducted into Deloitte’s Innovation Walk of Fame. He has also received various awards for designing and implementing practical, highly effective Pricing and Marketing strategies.
Lee is fluent in French, Hungarian, and English, and resides with his family in Cleveland, Ohio.

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